Jackson Family Historical Accounts by Donald L. Haynie

The Jackson Family Historical Accounts by Donald L. Haynie is a 96 page collection of histories, stories and other information about the Jacksons.  It is the source of several histories on this website.  I also found many new histories and commentaries that I have never seen.  For example, pages 37-45 include funeral remarks for Jane E. Jackson, Samuel Jackson, Jr., Samuel Glenn Jackson and William G. Jackson.  I have also been interested in learning more about Samuel Jackson, Sr. second wife, Martha Ann Jackson.  I found her short history on pages 30-32 very interesting.

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Major Overall Starting January 11, 2013

I am making some major changes to jacksonfamilyhistory.com starting 1/11/2013 that will take several weeks to complete. The major changes are adding a blog, changing the design, adding social media and more. Thanks, Ron Jackson (ronaldjayjackson@gmail.com).