The Descendants of Timothy and Johanne Gilbert, Compiled by Minnie Gilbert

For many years genealogist have relied on The Descendants of Timothy and Johanne Gilbert for their genealogy research.  It is a monumental work by Minnie Gilbert Heath, granddaughter of Timothy and Johanne, that consists of 922 pages of genealogy, pictures, letters and more.   Mary Gilbert Jackson, wife of William Jackson, is a daughter or Timothy and Johanne.  With the help of my wife, Marcia, I have digitized this work to make it more widely available. There are seven sections. Sections 1 – 6 are grouped in the first document and comprise 304 pages. Section 7 makes up the second document and is 618 pages.  These documents are also available in the “Histories” section.

Seciton 1 – Timothy Gilbert History

Section 2 – Johanne Margrethe Stoutz Gilbert History

Section 3 – Anne Johanne Gilbert and Nephi Christensen Histories

Section 4 – Mary Georgine Gilbert and William Jackson Histories

Section 5 – John Timothy Gilbert and Effie Henrietta Holcomb Histories

Section 6 – Picture pedigree charts with regular charts for children and grandchildren of Timothy and Johanne Gilbert

Section 7 – Picture family group charts for all married descendants (with their grandchildren) of Timothy and Johanne Gilbert regular family charts on reverse side.

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Jackson Family Historical Accounts by Donald L. Haynie

The Jackson Family Historical Accounts by Donald L. Haynie is a 96 page collection of histories, stories and other information about the Jacksons.  It is the source of several histories on this website.  I also found many new histories and commentaries that I have never seen.  For example, pages 37-45 include funeral remarks for Jane E. Jackson, Samuel Jackson, Jr., Samuel Glenn Jackson and William G. Jackson.  I have also been interested in learning more about Samuel Jackson, Sr. second wife, Martha Ann Jackson.  I found her short history on pages 30-32 very interesting.

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Liverpool to Boston on the Horizon (25 May 1856 – 30 Jun 1856)

This is a copy of the manifest for the sailing ship Horizon that the Jackson’s sailed from Liverpool to Boston in 1856.  On the ship was Ann Grimshaw Jackson (age 50) and five of her children: Elizabeth (23), Martha (age 21), Joseph (age 16), Samuel (age 12) and Nephi (age 10). The source is the Mormon Immigration Index (1840-1890).

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Major Overall Starting January 11, 2013

I am making some major changes to jacksonfamilyhistory.com starting 1/11/2013 that will take several weeks to complete. The major changes are adding a blog, changing the design, adding social media and more. Thanks, Ron Jackson (ronaldjayjackson@gmail.com).