Samuel Jackson, Sr. Vice President of Colonial State Bank of Manassa, Colorado

Samuel Jackson, Sr.’s history indicates that he was Vice President of the Colonial State Bank of Manassa, CO. This is confirmed on pages 161-162 of the Twelfth Annual Report of the State Bank Commissioner of Colorado, from January 1 1918, to January 1, 1919. Christen Jenson was President and A. Van Fradenburg was Cashier. The Directors were Jose C. Cantu, Samuel Jackson, Christen Jensen, A. E. Upton and G. A. Van Fradenburg. As of November 1, 1918 the bank had $75,650.95 in total assets.

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  • Harriet Ballard says:

    Thank you for the information. At this time I am working on Harriet Ella Mortensen Jacksons mother Sarah Vilate Decker Mortensen. I am writing a book about her. Any information you have would be great.

    • samkendra says:

      Hi Harriet – Everything I have is on the website. I will let you know if I find anything else. Thanks, Ron

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