Sailing Ship Horizon


Ann Grimshaw Jackson and five of her children ranging in ages from 10 to 21 boarded the sailing ship Horizon on May 25, 1856, along with 850 other Latter-Day Saints, for a 37 day trip from Liverpool, England to Boston, Massachusetts, disembarking on June 30.  The children were Elizabeth (24), Martha (21), Joseph (16),  Samuel (12) and Nephi (10).  They left Florence, Nebraska on August 27 pulling handcarts 1,300 miles with the Martin Handcart Company arriving in the Salt Lake Valley on Sunday, November 30.  This is a picture of their names in the passengers list. I think it was amazing the Ann made this trip at age 50! A great site to learn more about early Mormon pioneers is That’s where I found this image.

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  • Harriet Ballard says:

    How fun to read. The stories of my ancestors gives me courage.

  • Bart Jackson says:

    I am very grateful this site was built. I am the 4th generation Jackson to live in Nephi Utah. They were very strong people.

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