The video below was taken on Thursday, April 19, 1990 at the grand opening of the Desert View Pet Resort in Rancho Mirage, California. The Pet Resort was a fancy boarding clinic next to the Animal Hospital. Both the hospital and pet resort were owned an operated by Sam and Pauline Jackson. Sam’s sister, Josephine, and brother, Delwyn, were nice enough to come down to the grand opening. Delwyn and Ivin Jackson helped Sam get his start in Veterinarian medicine when Sam worked for them from 1958-1960.



The video below was taken on July 25, 1987 at the Jackson home in Manssa, Colorado. From left to right: Karen Jackson, Ivin and Alice Jackson, Ruben Jones (knelling in front of Josephine), Jay Jackson (in back of Ivin), Jay Jackson, Ray’s wife in front of Jay, Delwyn and Betty Jackson,Josephine and Ruben Jones, Jay Jackson and his wife, Sam and Pauline Jackson, Warren and Bonnie Jackson.

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  • pauline jackson says:

    I love this video, we were all pretty healthy then. Everyone was having a good time. I believe this was Sam’s ne video camera.

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