Welcome! This website explores the ancestry of Samuel Jackson, Sr. and Hanna Marie Jaques with special emphasis on their son, William Jackson, and his wife Mary Georgena Gilbert.

Samuel Jackson was born on July 13, 1844 in Manchester, England to Benjamin Jackson and Ann Grimshaw.  Benjamin and Ann were married on July 19, 1824 and were blessed with nine children:

James (b. 24 Dec 1824)
Ann (b. 24 Jan 1827)
William (b. 1 Nov 1829)
Elizabeth (b. 21 Jun 1832)
Martha (b. 20 Apr 1835)
John (b. 5 Sep 1837)
Joseph (b. 12 Dec 1839)
Samuel (b. 13 Jul 1844)
Nephi (b. 8 May 1847)

Hannah Marie Jaques was born in February 18, 1850 in Warwickshire, England to Zachariah Jaques and Sarah Clewer.  They were married on November 28, 1841 and were bless with five children:

Mary Ann (b. 1838)
Mary Maria (b. 5 Nov 1842)
Sarah Ann (b. 22 Apr 1845)
Josiah (b. 4 Mar 1848)
Hannah Maria (b. 18 Feb 1850)

Samuel and Hannah were married on December 31, 1867. They were blessed with five children, all born in Nephi, Utah:

Samuel, Jr. (b. 15 Sep 1869, m. 16 Jan 1901 Harriet Ella Mortensen, d. 18 Jul 1951)
William (b. 21 Aug 1871, m. 20 Mar 1901 Mary Georgena Gilbert, d. 20 Jul 1957)
Bernecia (b. 29 Jun 1874, m. ??????? Gervacius Wayne Rogers, d. 27 Oct 1959)
Lafayette (b. 6 Nov 1876, m. 8 Oct 1908 Jane Schofield, d. 6 Feb 1920)
Mary Hannah (b. 10 Feb 1880, m. 17 Dec 1902 Wilbur Sowards, d. 24 Sep 1903)

Samuel married Martha Ann Jackson on November 22, 1883.  They were blessed with three children:

Vida (b. 17 Jul 1887, m. 8 Oct 1909 Troy Sowards, d. ????)
Fannie (b. b. 6 June 1889, m. 8 Jun 1912 Willard Louis Sowards, d. 18 Nov 1964)
Jessie Elizabeth (b. 8 Aug 1892, m. 20 Nov 1912 John Joseph Jarvies, d. ????)

Samuel passed away on May 3, 1919 in St. George, Utah; Hannah she passed away on August 17, 1929 in Manassa, Colorado; and Martha Ann Jackson died on March 10, 1933.

William was born on August 21, 1871 to Samuel Jackson and Hannah Maria Jaques in Nephi, Utah.  He married Mary Georgena Gilbert on March 20, 1901.  Together they were blessed with twelve children.  He died on July 20, 1957.  Mary Georgena Gilbert and was born January 31, 1906 in Manassa, Colorado.  Her parents were Timothy Gilbert and Joanne Margarethe Stoutz.  She died on August 6, 1930.  They were blessed with twelve children.

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  • Joe Oldham says:

    Hi Ron,
    I just wanted to thank you for the hard work put into this website. I am a descendent of of Samuel and Hannah Jackson. My mother is LuAnne Tracy Oldham. She is a daughter to Inez Jackson Tracy. Inez is a daughter to Lafeyette Jackson who of course is a son to Samuel Jackson Sr.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the histories and seeing the photos, and have learned much about my family.

    Thank you very much for creating this and sharing it.
    Joe Oldham

  • Josh Christensen says:

    Thanks so much for making these histories available!! I am a descendant of Nephi Christensen and Anna Gilbert and I was so thrilled to find Anna’s history here. Cluff Christensen is my Grandad. I love the pictures posted and Nephi and Anna. They were a beautiful couple!!
    Thanks again!

    • samkendra says:

      Thanks for your comment. I hope to get some more documents and photos on the website in the coming months. Been swamped with work and family. Thanks, Ron

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