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William Jackson & Mary Georgena Gilbert
William Jackson (b. 21 Aug 1871) and Mary Georgena Gilbert (b. 9 Apr 1885) were married on March 20, 1901. William was the son of Samuel Jackson and Hanna Marie Jaques and Mary was the daughter of Timothy Gilbert and Joanne Margarethe Stoutz.  William and Mary were blessed with twelve children all born in Manassa: Elvera Mary (born 29 September 1902), William Gilbert (born 8 March 1904), Louvina (born 31 January 1906), Lenard (born 10 March 1908), Ivin Monell (born 8 February 1912), Lucy Lorriane (born 24 January 1914), Josephine (born 25 October 1915), Delwyn Anthon (born 4 September 1917), Warren June (born 26 June 1920), Elbert Grant (born 15 February 1922), Alfred Reese (born 6 April 1924) and Melvin Samuel (born 28 February 1929).
Samuel Jackson & Hannah Marie Jaques
Samuel Jackson was born on July 13, 1844 in Manchester, England. Hannah Marie Jaques was born in February 18, 1850 in Warwickshire, England. Samuel and Hannah were married on December 31, 1867. They were bless with five children: Samuel Jackson, Jr. (born 15 September 1869, Nephi, Juab, Utah), William Jackson (born 21 August 1871 – Nephi, Juab, Utah), Bernecia Jackson (born 29 June 1874, Nephi, Juab, Utah), Mary Hannah Jackson (born: 10 February 1880, Nephi, Juab, Utah) and Lafayette Jackson (born 6 November 1876, Nephi, Juab, Utah).  Samuel married Martha Ann Jackson on November 22, 1883. They were blessed with three children: Vida, Fannie and Jessie Elizabeth. Samuel passed away on May 3, 1919 in St. George, Utah, and Hannah she passed away on August 17, 1929 in Manassa, Colorado.


Samuel Jackson, Jr. & Harriet Ella Mortensen
Samuel was born on September 15, 1869 to Samuel Jackson, Sr. and Hannah Marie Jaques. He was their first child. Samuel married Harriet Ella Mortensen on January 16, 1901. Samuel passed a away on July 18, 1951.
Edward Jones & Martha Jackson
Martha Jackson was born on April 20, 1835 in Manchester, Lancashire, England to Benjamin Jackson and Ann Grimshaw. She married Edward Jones on December 27, 1861.
John Kirkman & Elizabeth Jackson
Elizabeth Jackson was born on June 21, 1832 in Manchester, Lancashire, England to Benjamin Jackson and Ann Grimshaw. She married John Kirkman on December 13, 1856. She died on March 17, 1908 in Salt Lake, UT.
Wilbur Sowards and Mary Hannah Jackson
Mary Hannah Jackson is the daughter of Samuel Jackson, Sr. and Hannah Marie Jaques. She was born on February 10, 1880 in Nephi, Utah. She married Wilbur Sowards on December 17, 1902. Mary passed away on September 24,1903 in Manassa, Colorado while giving birth to her daugher Mary Jane (Mamie). Mamie was raised by her gradnparents, Samuel and Hannah. Wilbur Sowards was born on January 18, 1879 in Charley, Kentucky and passed away on March 31, 1977 in Provo, Utah.
Benjamin Jackson and Ann Grimshaw
Benjamin Jackson was born on March 24, 1801 in Winslow, Buchinghamshire, England. Ann Grimshaw was born in 1806 in Manchester, England. They were married on July 19, 1824. The were blessed with nine children: James Jackson (December 24, 1824), Ann Jackson (January 24, 1827), William Jackson (November 1, 1829), Elizabeth Jackson (June 21, 1832), Martha Jackson (April 20, 1835), John Jackson (September 5, 1837), Joseph Jackson (December 12, 1839), Samuel Jackson (July 13, 1844) and Nephi Jackson (May 8, 1847). Ann died in Nephi, Utah on March 27, 1873.
Nephi Jackson & Mary Ann Ockey
Nephi Jackson was born on March 8, 1847 in Manchester, England to Benjamin Jackson and Ann Grimshaw. He married Mary Ann Ockley on January 4, 1880.
Lafayette Jackson & Jane Schofield
Lafayette was born on November 6, 1876 to Samuel Jackson and Hannah Marie Jaques. He married Jane Schofield on October 8, 1908 in Salt Lake City.
Timothy Gilbert & Johanne Margrethe Stoutz
Timothy Gilbert was born on August 27, 1834 in Gt. Cheverell, England. Johanne Stoutz was born on December 28, 1852 in Feldballe, Denmark.  They were married on November 30, 1879 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They had eight children together. Timothy died on May 13, 1914 in Manassa, Colorado. Johanne died on February 11, 1928 in Manassa, Colorado
Georg Ferdinand Stoutz and Inger Marie Hansen
Georg Ferdinand Stoutz was born on May 19, 1821 in Snede, Vejle, Denmark.
William and Mary Jackson Family
More photographs of the William and Mary Jackson family.
Warren Rasmussen & Elvera Jackson
Elvera Mary Jackson was born September 29, 1902 in Manassa, Colorado to William Jackson and Mary Georgena Gilbert. She graduated from the San Luis Stake Academy (High School) on May 5, 1921. She attended the University of Utah starting in 1922 and graduted in 1926. Warren Erastus Rassmusen was born June 20, 1902 in Sanford, Colorado. He graduated from the San Luis Stake Academy on May 5, 1922. He graduated from Colorado State in Veterinarian medicine. They were married on June 9, 1927 in the Salt Lake Temple. They were both 24 years old at the time. Elvera died on September 26, 1937 just a few days before her 35th birthday. They were not blessed with any children, but they riased Sam Jackson, Elvera’s brother, from December,1930 until Elvera’s death. Sam continued to live with Warren until sometime after February, 1938 but before Warren remarried in June, 1938.
William Jackson and Lucille Schofield
William Jackson first wife, Mary Gilbert Jackson, passed away on August 6, 1930. He married Lucille Schofield on July 10, 1935. Lucille was born on July 3, 1899.  They were blessed with one daughter, Ellen Olean Jackson, who was born on February 20, 1937 in Manassa, Colorado


  • pauline jackson says:

    I especially love the pictures of William and Mary’s family. Everyone seemed so happy. Those were great days. Love the pictures of Sam. Pauline, Delywn and Betty in Mexico.

  • Tamlyn says:

    I was pleased to see the pictures of The Jacksons, as William lodged with my family when he was a missionary in Liverpool

  • Harriet Ballard says:

    Just found this site and I love it. My Grandpa and Grandma are Samuel Jackson Jr and
    Harriet Ella Mortensen Jackson. Please keep me up-dated.

  • Nancy Curtis says:

    Where is Ellen. Nancy Brady Curtis Hannah’s daughter

  • Nancy Curtis says:

    Think of Ellen often. Judy, Ella and myself use to go down to Uncle Wills and play with Ellen all the time.
    Hannah Jackson Brady’s daughter

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